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Group of professional mothers reach out; Friendship circle works with inner-city teachers to identify those in need of help

By Gerry Bellett A month ago Dr. Joanne Roussy of the University of B.C.’s medical school would not have known how to negotiate the mean streets of the Downtown Eastside, but here on a wet Tuesday morning she was getting the hang of it. Navigating was Julia Morrison, a Scottish nurse, who apologized for having […]

Students at a school in Zimbabwe

Helping schools around the world, from your living room

A new initiative by the Canadian International Learning Foundation has set out to overcome what Canadians say is the single biggest barrier to becoming a volunteer: lack of time. “Change the world in five hours a week” is the mantra of the Educator Volunteer Network, which matches up skilled Canadians with schools in developing and […]

Janey Lee, a teacher from Thunderbird Elementary

Inner-city kids come to school tired, hungry: teacher tells forum

A panel discussion was held Monday evening at the Vancouver Public Library to discuss poverty and inner-city students. This was organized by Carrie Gelson and her colleagues at Seymour elementary in the weeks after The Sun published her plea for public support for her school. My colleague Medha staffed the event and her story can […]


Be a mentor, help a kid in need

Dr. Alan Bates knows the satisfaction, and fun, of mentoring old and young. For almost four years he’s been coaching soccer teams composed mostly of Vancouver street people, which has led to rewarding trips to both Rio de Janeiro and Paris for the Home-less World Cup. Now in the psychiatric residency program at the University […]