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When inner-city school teacher Carrie Gelson put out her heart-wrenching notice in September that her students at Admiral Seymour elementary in Vancouver were arriving at school hungry and in need of warm clothing, she touched a nerve with Vancouver Sun readers, who responded by generously donating goods and funds to the school.

A teacher asked, and local residents responded: Seymour Elementary smothered in help

Donations began landing at Seymour elementary school in Vancouver early Monday and continued throughout the day, as residents opened their hearts and wallets in response to a plea for help from a teacher on behalf of her disadvantaged eastside students. “I didn’t really expect this,” said Carrie Gelson, breathless after a whirlwind of media interviews […]

Born missing a large part of her esophagus, Myla Mae Carr (left), shown with mom Dominga Yalung, has a 'blessed,' normal life.

30 years later, child-welfare project’s effect is keenly felt

Thirty years ago the poster child for The Vancouver Sun’s new Children’s Fund was a cute six-month-old who stared out from the front page with that look of wide-eyed indifference of which only babies are capable. Myla Mae Yalung’s mom, Dominga, was smiling but Myla Mae wore the sort of look that would out-stare a […]