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Are there children in your school in need?

The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Adopt-A-School program wants to hear from you: Are the students at your local school in need of something that the public could help with, such as clothing, volunteers, food, learning tools. If your school is seeking a grant for a specific project, please fill out the form below. If your school has more immediate needs that our readers may be able to help with, such as winter coats, school supplies, boots or food, email and we’ll add you to our ‘schools in need’ map.

Applications for our 2015/2016 Adopt-a-School campaign are open.

For information about our Adopt-a-School project, contact Cathy Stooshnov, project coordinator, Adopt-a-School, at The Vancouver Sun, Suite 1 — 200 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3N3; phone 604-605-2426, or email

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  1. Janet Powell
    Feb 18 2013

    I can’t tell if my request for funding went through. Janet Powell at Quilchena Elementary in Richmond. Thank you.

  2. Stephanie Morgan
    Jun 5 2013

    Does this cover all of BC and on Indian Reserves? Wondering hoping the Wilp Si Wilaxsinsxwhl Simgigyet (Wilp School) can choose to apply :)

    • JSkinner
      Nov 29 2013


  3. Kindle
    Nov 5 2013

    Can Vancouver Island schools apply?
    When is the due date?
    I am asking for Courtenay Elementary School.

  4. Kelly Fenwick-Wilson
    Sep 23 2015

    Thank you very much for the opportunity in applying for this grant! We have been devastated in our wee rural area by recent fires and evacuations. It is imperative that our student develop the necessary resources and resilience to survive these and future potential tragedies.


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