December 9, 2012

Christmas is coming: Time to get to work, and we need your help!

At the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund, we’ve worked hard to help schools and teachers and parents fill the gaps in their local school safety net.

But a new year is coming and, with it, a new winter. The overwhelming cry, a year ago, was that students were coming to school unfed, not properly clothed for winter, and teachers were having to go into their own wallets to help – this winter is unlikely to be different.We’ve filled libraries with books and helped pay for grocery store gift cards for starving families and transit passes for refugee children sent to schools far from home. We’ve helped get iPads for special needs children, and computers for after school homework club programs for at-risk youth. We’ve paid for diapers for teen moms and found companies to provide musical instruments for ailing music programs and… well, you get the idea. A lot of people opened their wallets, a lot of people volunteered, and tens of thousands of children were fed, clothed, and equipped for the school year because the people of this province made it happen.

We know there are many, many schools out there that never participated in our program, so this is a call to arms: Every parent, every teacher, every student, every PAC member – if you know of a problem at your school that could use help from the good people of British Columbia and the folks at the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund, be it small (transit passes, food, socks, winter jackets) or large, PLEASE LET US KNOW, and tell your school principal about our program.

If the needs are small, drop a note to and tell us the story, so that we can help right now or find partners who can – and if the needs are larger, like breakfast programs or homework clubs, fill in the application form and tell us the details. 

And thanks, kind readers, for the work you’ve done to make 2012 a year of success and happiness for so many. Every dollar you sent was doubled by The Vancouver Sun and our corporate partners, and every cent raised went to the people who need it most.


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