February 14, 2012

Letter from Kevin Bent, Publisher: Thank you for supporting children in need

There are times when being publisher of The Vancouver Sun is especially gratifying and none more so than now when I am able to announce that our Adopt-a-School campaign raised $270,000 in donations – all of which will be matched by The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund.

This means $540,000 will be made available this year to fight want and hunger in our schools.

Those donations were a magnificent response from you, our readers, to an intolerable situation – children coming to school hungry without proper clothing or shoes – and validate our effort to draw attention to the plight of these innocent victims of poverty.

Donations came in the form of cash, cheques and credit card transactions. Some cheques were for thousands of dollars – a number of $25,000 donations were received. Others were for sums of $10, a number made out with a thin and shaking hand denoting old age, often accompanied by notes thanking us.

It should be us doing the thanking.

Since we received hundreds of donations it would be difficult for me, here, to thank each and every one by name. But let me say you are all in my heart.

Today and in the coming days we will be announcing how Adopt-a-School funds will be dispersed so our readers will know what their generosity has achieved.

In the months ahead you will be hearing more about Adopt-a-School as we intend to continue the campaign for social justice and to eradicate hunger from our schools. We are determined to help those hard-pressed inner-city schools struggling to cope with the social problems poverty brings into their classrooms.

If the past few months have shown anything, it is that we can rely on you for help.

Sincerely, Kevin Bent

President and Publisher, Pacific Newspaper Group

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