December 21, 2011

Telus continues drive to finance Adopt-A-School, now through YouTube video

Screenshot from Telus' Yule Log spoof video

Tune in to Telus’s annual fire log video spoofand your view will send $4 to kids in need in British Columbia.

It stems from an age-old tradition. Every year around this time, there are people who pour an eggnog, put on some holiday music and settle down to gaze into a roaring fire.

On their TV.

Telus has its own holiday tradition around its fireplace channel: a behind-the-scenes spoof on the making of the three-hour-long video loop that turns TVs into virtual fireplaces for the fireplace-bereft among us.

This year’s video, Telus Optik TV Fire Log Live on the Red Carpet, is coming with a price tag attached, though. A price tag for Telus, that is.

For every YouTube view of its fire log video, Telus has pledged to donate $2 to The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Adopt-a-School project, up to a total of $10,000. With the Children’s Fund pledging to match donations to Adopt-a-School, there’s the potential to raise another $20,000 for B.C. children.

“When our TV community programming team read about The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund and its Adopt-a-School project, they wanted to get involved and also to get our customers involved,” said Telus spokesman Shawn Hall. “Last year’s video got almost 5,000 views so they are hoping to get 5,000 views this year, which would raise $10,000.”

The burning log, the star of the video spoof, plays in a three-hour loop on Telus’ pre-view channel or on channel 687 HD and channel 14 SD.

“We make a spoof video where we put forward the log as the star and Telus team members volunteer to be in the video as mock celebrities,” said Hall. “It gives us a chance to have a bit of fun, laugh at ourselves a bit and add a bit of holiday levity.” Google “Telus Optik TV fire log live on the red carpet” to find the video on YouTube or click online

Or, just watch it below!

As I write this, there are already more than 2400 views on the newly launched Fire Log Live video – that’s $9,600 for kids.

Tune in for a laugh and help put a smile on a child’s face.

The YouTube fundraising campaign for Adopt-a-School is in addition to Telus’s pledge of $1 per “like” for the Children’s Fund Facebook page at

And you can text to donate. Text “SUNKIDS” to 20222 to instantly donate $5 to children in need.

During this campaign, money donated to Adopt-a-School is matched by the Children’s Fund, thereby doubling your donation.

Gillian Shaw is a tech writer at The Vancouver Sun and a member of The Children’s Fund board.

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