December 9, 2011

Nickelback raises money for BC Kids Hospital – Schools next?


The Vancouver Sun applauds Nickelback’s $50,000 contribution to BC Children’s Hospital, inspired by Andrew Putt’s band, Pardon My Striptease, which released a song called Pray (For LJ) in honour of Putt’s one-year-old daughter Lilee-Jean Putt, who was diagnosed two months ago with a form of brain cancer called Glioblastoma. Putt’s band dedicated all proceeds from the single to B.C. Children’s Hospital, where Lilee-Jean has been undergoing treatment, and challenged other bands to help out.

We at The Vancouver Sun are in the middle of our own charitable drive for the neediest children in B.C.’s school system – a drive that has, to date, raised over $100,000 in the last two weeks, money that The Sun will be matching through our Children’s Fund.

As part of our Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Adopt-A-School program in the last few weeks, we’ve helped bring $16,000 worth of iPads to autistic and learning disabled children at Lord Roberts Elementary on the downtown eastside. We’ve helped set up a working laundry for families that have no means of cleaning their childrens’ clothes at Thunderbird Elementary and raised $23,000 towards a breakfast program for kids turning up to school hungry. We’ve found donors to fund an after-school homework club at Britannia Secondary, and brought in computers to replace aging and non-functioning equipment. Kids at Seymour Elementary got food, winter clothes, and a trip to see a TV show being made.

With our partners, we have helped children in need in Coquitlam with funds for after-school care, clothing and food, and we’ve helped other schools build playgrounds where previously children played in muddy fields. We’ve brought Juno award-winning rapper Shad into a Surrey high school to talk to and perform for local kids. And we’re in talks with donors right now about ways we can fund children’s breakfast programs across Metro Vancouver – now and in perpetuity.

In doing this, we have brought in corporate sponsors to assists with these needs, including Telus, Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, Kryton,, and more.

And the more than $100,000 we have helped raise so far will be matched by The Sun, bringing over $200,000 aboard to keep our kids warm, fed and learning this Christmas. And we’ve got more to come.

We heartily encourage others to match Nickelback’s donation to Children’s Hospital – and to check out our page at to find a local school in need that they can help contribute to.

And like us on Facebook ( – every like brings a $4 donation between Telus, The Sun, and a local resident in West Vancouver, to a limit of $20,000.

And hey, Nickelback, if you’d like to help us in our mission to fix the problems of Metro Vancouver’s schools, we’d love to bring you aboard. It’s a mighty big tent and there’s a whole lot of needs.

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