December 12, 2011

Facebook ‘likes’ target reached – let’s keep it going!

Jill Schnarr, vice-president of community affairs for Telus, shops with her sons Andrew (left) and Dylan and husband David Beck to fill up Christmas stockings that could end up going to children in schools identified in The Vancouver Sun Children's Fund Adopt-a-School program. Sun readers have surpassed the target of 5,000 'likes' on Facebook. More than $20,000 has been raised to date. Photograph by: Ian Lindsay, Vancouver Sun

Our Facebook campaign has reached its initial goal of 5,000 ‘likes’ and it just keeps growing.

And now Telus, the original sponsor that donated $1 for every ‘like’ on our VanSunKidsFund page up to $5,000 is calling on us to go for 10,000.

And Telus will continue donating $1 per like for our Facebook page, up to another $5,000.

When we started our Facebook campaign on Nov. 12, 5,000 seemed so far away. But with kids in B.C. going hungry at school and without winter clothing, we rallied the forces of good and reached our target with weeks to go, thanks to our readers and our Facebook friends.

That $5,000 has now grown to $20,000.

How? The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund board is matching Telus’s $5,000 donation. West Vancouver reader Ken Mellquist matched Telus’s $1/like for another $5,000 and of course, the Children’s Fund has matched that.

The result: Your 5,000 Facebook likes have raised $20,000 for kids in B.C.

“We’re hoping more people will be inspired to participate,” Jill Schnarr, Telus’s vice-president of community affairs, said of her company’s decision to up its donation pledge. “We are fortunate to live in this fantastic city and we realize we have to step up and help others who may not be as fortunate.

“I really believe it takes a community to raise a child; it takes a community to help schools that are in need of help.”

And now we have an even bigger challenge.

With less than two weeks to Christmas and the wrap-up of this year’s Children’s Fund Adopt-a-School campaign, we need another 5,000 likes on Facebook.

Can you help? Find us on Facebook at; tell your friends, family, colleagues – your hockey team, your running buddies. It all adds up.

From here on in, every Facebook like is worth $2, with Telus donating $1 and the Children’s Fund matching that.

Let’s go for 10,000!


Telus will donate $1 up to $10,000 for every “like” on facebook. com/VanSun KidsFund. A total of $2 will go to Adopt-a-School for every Facebook “like” for The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund. That’s because the fund will add $1 for every “like” to bring the grand total up to $30,000.

“Like” dollars raised as of Sunday: $21,100

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